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Twisted X Bowstrings have a 12 month warranty from the date the order ships.  The warranty covers defects such as serving separation, peep rotation and creep.  Each piece submitted for warranty repair or replacement will need to be returned to Twisted X Bowstrings for inspection as soon as possible.  The customer is responsible for return shipping charges.


Twisted X Bowstrings warranty does NOT cover the following:


- Improper lengths due to inaccurate information given by the customer


- Customers not pleased with their choice of colors


- Any damage caused during the installation process. (Twisted X bowstrings should be installed by a qualified individual at your local pro shop).


- Excessive heat applied to the string set (keep flames and heat sources away from your strings, this includes leaving your bow locked up in your vehicle or other high heat areas).


- Twisted X Bowstrings warranty is non-transferable.

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