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After a long overdue break from the sport of archery I returned to find that the industry had changed quite a bit in the 10 years I was away.  The bows were faster, more accurate than ever and of course more expensive.  One thing that didn’t change much was the quality of the bowstrings on those bows.  Sure the string materials were better but without the proper build process they were still less than impressive.


I started Twisted X Bowstrings with the goals of building the very best bowstring set possible and backing them with unparalleled customer service.  Our string sets are pre-stretched to 400 lbs and served while under tension in order to provide a string set that is extremely reliable shot after shot.  Each piece is built with a high level of attention to detail to produce a product that not only performs well but also gives your bow that custom look you desire.  We build with trusted materials from BCY Fibers in order to offer the best materials available whatever your needs might be.

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